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Yu Xu sacrificed before practicing "dual axis roll" 3.6 seconds to rotate 850 degrees – the Sohu news November 13, 2014, Xu Yu peacock debut at the Zhuhai airshow Chinese. Oriental IC data on November 12th, Air Force Captain Yu Xu in flight training unfortunate sacrifice. The news came that people were feeling sad and sorry for her. Yu Xu is the first China annihilates – 10 female fighter pilots, one of the 4 female pilots in China is currently performing with flight qualification. She is an outstanding female soldier, life, beauty, love dance, in the team of 81 flights show known as "golden peacock". Yu Xu in the circle of friends left the last message is "wish the people’s air force 67 year old happy birthday", she put her excellent and noble life is dedicated to the motherland’s blue sky. The sky had become the show of force on the battlefield and the stage, as an eagle in the sky all the fighter is a weapon to the air force air supremacy. Unfortunately, the planes in the sky show majestic and hegemony at the same time, is also facing a very high risk, "Eagle Wings" phenomenon It is often seen. in the world. Which is different from the ground water tanks and armored vehicles and ships, aircraft once encountered danger, there are serious consequences of the plane crash, causing major irreparable loss. November 2006, China’s Air Force Colonel Li Jianying fighter pilots flying with a bomb hit the air when they hit the air, the engine air parking, he sacrificed himself to protect the flight area of the masses. In May 2015, the Navy pilot Jiang Tao, Lu Peng Fei air emergency maneuvered to avoid densely populated areas of heroic sacrifice. In April 2016, a Naval Air Force pilot Zhang Chao in a driving annihilates – 15 ground-based simulation landing training when killed, only 29 years old. In fact, looking at the global military power, the progress of each air force is paved by the sacrifice of the road. At the beginning of 1980s, the U.S. Air Force F-16 and F-15 equipment into the peak, for the rapid formation of combat troops, increase training intensity also appeared a lot of flight accident. In fact, the world’s strongest air force in the United States, the number of its fall is also ranked first in the world, and even expensive B – 2 bombers have been accidentally crashed. Aerobatics can fully show the outstanding performance of a country the main fighter, contribute to the exploration and practice of the countries in the air force air tactical use, and for the training of qualified fighter pilots to provide the necessary experience, and embody their own technical and tactical air force pilots. We are familiar with Cobra maneuver is performed by the performing machine driver Bbu Fagafaga Geoff first and gradually applied to combat training. For this reason, to participate in the stunt flight can be said to be the ultimate dream of every pilot, but the cause is also very dangerous and challenging. The flight stunt is a general sense of the military ceremony, often will air combat tactics and aircraft movements concise continuity close, recognized by the world as "dancing on the tip". Yu Xu sacrifice Fighter Training "dual axis roll" action requires two fighters – 10 fighter jets in 3)相关的主题文章: