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Yuan Hong too deep into the drama nightmares who Xinyi Zhang said to not distressed Tencent entertainment Xinyi Zhang and Yuan Hong married in Germany this year, two people after marriage happiness often show affection in micro-blog. Xinyi Zhang said the November 2nd update micro-blog because her husband too deep into the drama, the nightmare tear, she also said that both husband and wife is an actor but can talk to each other, There are both advantages and disadvantages., words are deep love for Yuan Hong. The evening of November 2nd Xinyi Zhang wrote "Yuan Datou just took me to tell me in micro-blog issued last night took a murder scene in the play, personally killed two of his most pro, because too deep into the drama, the night nightmare tear. Also said that the kind of thing to do their own regret after the feeling of powerlessness wrapped around him for a long time. I feel bad. He had to watch a movie we happy clips and some interesting photos. The couple are actors, but we can talk to each other There are both advantages and disadvantages., it was great to embrace each other. Come on, Yuan Datou, you’re the best". Users have to leave a message after a good actor will always be very deep into the play, refueling Yuan Datou, every day to see you two of the micro-blog, like a pair of ordinary couples back and forth to ridicule each other care and maintenance". Xinyi Zhang eat brush a zero by Yuan Hong Tucao not worry"相关的主题文章: