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Yueqing dialect songs sung by guy Glutinous rice taste a 90 guy and heritage of nearly 2000 Wenzhou dialect (Ou dialect) can wipe out what kind of spark? The 25 year old boy in Yueqing Jin Jun unveiled by Wang Han, a Sa Beining, Wowkie Zhang and other large coffee led "dialect + music" program "one billion and three hundred million DB". Jin Jun’s original Yueqing dialect song "The" won the praise of the point of praise of Wang Han and the like of the "One". Recently, the creation of Jin Jun’s two song "and" everlush dialect song "eight" (Wenzhou, La sol for corn), will Glutinous rice, tofu curd, Ouyue delicacy "into" the song. He said that there will be fewer and fewer young people who speak Wenzhou dialect and speak well, hoping to promote Wenzhou dialect in this way. – Evening News reporter Tong Xiji invited to participate in the dialect music program won the third division in Hangzhou Jin Jun street people south of the city of Yueqing, 25 years old this year. High nose, thin lips, plus deep eyes, apply nowadays a word is "high color value". Black Polo shirt, guitar, and wears a peaked cap of their own design, is fashionable". And Jin Jun said he grew up speaking dialect. Three years after graduation, Jin Jun have done primary school teacher and a Starbucks barista, real estate intermediary etc.. But he taught himself the guitar, he began to have a special liking for dialect songs. Then try your own creation, with dialect singing lyrics. Jin Jun said, at the beginning of this year, Iqiyi’s program director saw him posted online dialect songs, after contacted him and invited him to participate in a by Wang Han, Sa Beining, Wowkie Zhang and other large coffee led "dialect + music" program "one billion and three hundred million DB". In June this year, Jin Jun rushed to Beijing training, and participated in the regional ground rally held in Hangzhou in July. Jin Jun said: "I got the results of the third division in Hangzhou, and entered the national tournament." After the show by Wang Han Sa Beining praised the cut for personal reasons to retire at the end of July, Jin Jun said, he attended the national tournament record. Open the door of the studio, Wang Han and the king of the king on the praise of the high value of the face of the king of Sa Beining". When he learned that Jin Jun was in Wenzhou, Wang Han and Sa Beining are very interested in Wenzhou, all of a sudden with Jin Jun Wenzhou dialect to learn. "At that time I adapted the Yueqing folk song" to the bird ", but Wang Han teacher and teacher Sa Beining asked me to be able to create. So, I played a song for the coffee shop in Wenzhou, wrote the words "The One"." When this, Jin Jun two people get consistent praise. Two people asked Jin Jun view of dialect song Jin Jun said, a lot of dialect songs are not good, but the arrangement is too old. This argument has been endorsed by the two. Ready to sing the song has not yet, Kim Jun will get two people’s affirmation, Jin class. Later, the king joined the Wang Han team, but because of personal reasons out of the game. In this regard, Jin Jun feel very sorry, but he bluntly: I would like to play some interesting things, such as dialects of the game, I am still very happy to participate in." Glutinous rice song was sought after more than and 10 days to break through the millions of millions of dollars despite the regret of the game, but the experience of the king to give confidence and encouragement. At the beginning of September, he happened to see APP launched a second shot.相关的主题文章: