Zhang Han wants to eat home grown mushrooms have alerted the police (Figure) fkzww

Zhang Han wants to eat home grown mushrooms have alerted the police (Figure) Zhang Han in popularity helicopter according to Taiwan media reported on August 31st, mainland actor Zhang Han has a handsome appearance, in recent years, filming a lot of movies, drama, months are busy on the road to find the home corner out of letinous edodes, and jokingly threatened to bring up Hot pot eat, did not think the police units caused attention, unexpectedly became the hot topic of micro-blog. Zhang Han micro-blog screenshot Zhang Han 31 in individual micro-blog said, because the job is busy, no home has up to 1 years, did not expect to arrive at home, the wall actually grow mushrooms, rinse Hot pot at night?" Although it is a joking mood, but fans are worried that he recklessly, have a message to remind "do not eat", "toxic". Interestingly, Zhang Han soon after it was published, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau official micro-blog forward, other humor called "police sorghum reminder: please buy Edible Mushrooms in the vegetable market, can not eat lightly decapitation, to avoid poisoning……" Zhang Han once again responded: "thank the public Zhang from Shenzhen police remind, some after disinfection rinse to eat." Two party back and forth humor interaction, so fans call too cute laugh. Related news Tong Dawei sun comic play father was pistol police Milo Science Source: Phoenix Entertainment time: April 18, 2016 Tong Dawei sun comic Phoenix Entertainment News on April 16th afternoon, Tong Dawei drying out in the online comic strip, about his childhood dream is to become a policeman, and now finally in the film circle dream. Unexpectedly, the cartoon of a child, my father’s pistol is my best toy was the uncle of the police to stare at, the various police uncle official micro forwarding popular science said guns are not allowed to carry or custody of non people’s police. The police science 16 afternoon, Tong Dawei drying out long comics, Chen Yao forwarding called "coincidence, my childhood dream is when the police, we might even form the best partner!" Subsequently, Tong Dawei also said "tomorrow to play the police". Who, in a cartoon, "when I was a child, my father’s pistol is my best toy" by a large number of police uncle "stare". Micro-blog in the police Anhui forward micro-blog and popular science Road: "the public security organs with the use of the provisions of the management of firearms," eighteenth of the ninth items: not allowed to carry guns to the people’s police or custody." Micro-blog Nanning special police, the ridicule, said: I guess it is a toy gun, small fart child seriously." A police related news! Wang Kai sun shine again by the police uncle do science (Figure) source: Phoenix Entertainment time: March 21, 2016 Dezhou public security bureau canal screenshot micro-blog Phoenix Entertainment News at noon today, actor Wang Kai drying out two photos in micro-blog, the lake Wang Kai station in the photo, facing the vast deep water, intriguing figure. Then, the micro-blog is forwarded to the Dezhou canal, the Public Security Bureau and with the text: "Wang Kai taught you security. No barrier lake, play hidden. Enthusiastic users to remind you of Mr. Wang, the water play please pay attention to safety." Funny, hilarious style, but also to draw attention to the personal safety when playing on the waterside. It is reported that Wang Kai is not the first time the official micro-blog police forwarded content for popular science.相关的主题文章: