Zhang Jike and sun’s supermodel intimate self ridicule is too difficult to sleep-footman

Zhang Jike and sun’s supermodel intimate self ridicule rare didn’t sleep not to wake Zhang Jike and Xi Mengyao photo Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 9th news, 2016 "GQ" person of the Year Awards held in Shanghai last night, the Olympic table tennis champion Malone and Zhang Jike wearing a black dress on the red carpet, and the annual harvest movement model and annual sports idol award. The Zhang Jike award is Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Xi Mengyao. Zhang Jike micro-blog screenshot also deliberately put on the micro-blog photos thanks. "A person, to know how to quiet, two people, to know how happy, not a word of advertising, men have two sides. Kidding, well, thank GQ magazine for my annual sports idol this honor, thank you help me @Ming Ming Xi award in the field!" Zhang Jike drying out of two intimate photos, I saw a curly haired red dress wearing a red ribbon in front of the chest, the big show sexy, the first one is the head of the two, full of sense of intimacy, Xi Mengyao. Xi Mengyao micro-blog screenshot followed by Xi Mengyao forwarded’s micro-blog, and ridicule him: as a good friend for you to accept the award, is really happy for you ah! The most important thing is that you do not sleep today, ha ha ha!" It seems that Zhang Jike did not wake up has gained the image, but in the two photo, Zhang Jike rare eyes wide open, looked in good out of a bandbox.相关的主题文章: