Zhengzhou 28 days issued 42 real estate license certificate is difficult to second-hand housing buye shiyang

Zhengzhou 28 days to send 42 copies of real property card processing to second-hand housing buyers panic, xinhuanet.com reported on September 25th, recently, because the real estate registration link "obstruction", the Henan provincial capital of Zhengzhou City Times "people buy is not real, real people have no money" embarrassing situation: a big one Zhengzhou City, 28 days only issued 42 copies of real property right certificate; some people with high interest loans, the monthly interest rate of nearly 50 thousand yuan; some people buy second-hand housing more than 4 months also can not pay the room. Zhengzhou real estate registration difficult, has caused panic in the secondary housing buyers, and caused strong concern of users. The reporter strong dissatisfaction with the real estate registration "obstruction" caused by people from Zhengzhou City Land Resources Bureau, Zhengzhou from August 25th officially launched the real estate registration since September 21st, Zhengzhou City real estate registration center issued a total of 42 copies and 47 copies of the certificate of real property mortgage, there are 5174 pieces of file compression. Such a low efficiency of the work, causing a lot of dissatisfaction with the second-hand housing transactions. "Now the real estate is completely ‘real’, do real estate warrants stuck, I now each month to repay nearly 50 thousand yuan interest rates." Zhengzhou citizens Ms. Zhou said, because the real people have needed money, Ms. Zhou from the lending company borrowed 1 million 800 thousand full high interest loans paid to the real person, the thought that after the completion of the transaction can mortgage the house, the use of bank loans to high interest loans, but now has been unable to complete the registration of real estate, not to take real estate warrants, banks are not lending. I signed a contract in May, the house in the Housing Authority has been transferred in August, according to the previous 7 working days, I can get a real estate license, can mortgage. But now two months, real estate warrants has not done, I went nuts." Ms. Zhou said. Zhengzhou citizen Si Yongjie in May 8th of second-hand housing transactions signed the contract, in August 31st won the "Zhengzhou city housing transactions and property status confirmation" in Zhengzhou city housing security and the real estate management bureau, he came to Zhengzhou last week, the real estate registration center when the query was told "the file hasn’t arrived, he had once again came to the register in September 20th center, check whether he purchased housing land permits have problems. Since buying a house, I did not sleep well, and sometimes also called the middle of the night, said the policy has changed, it is too painful." Si Yongjie said, from the housing authority to the real estate registration center, I have run 7, 8 times, I do not know when is the head. Now can not get real estate license, the bank does not lend, sellers do not launch, I now rent a room, the monthly rent of 2800 yuan." In recent months, the Zhengzhou real estate market continued hot, high volume of second-hand housing transactions. Zhengzhou City Housing Authority data show that in August Zhengzhou second-hand housing sales for 5388 sets. "Wonderful" two program it is understood that the main reason for this situation is the city of Zhengzhou is the lack of effective integration between the housing and land department, so that real estate registration is equivalent to the end of two programs. One is the housing transaction procedures, two is the real estate registration program, which makes the real property registration procedures are cumbersome or even repeated, spent a long time. First, the housing authority still according to the original procedures for real estate transactions, including application, acceptance.相关的主题文章: