Zhengzhou introduced the new policy of the real estate market from September 18th onwards-tamiflu

Zhengzhou real estate market introduction of the new policy started in September 18th the newspaper news (reporter Xu Jianxun) the evening of September 14th, the general office of the Zhengzhou municipal government announced the "Circular on promoting the sustained and stable and healthy development of the real estate market". "Notice" a total of nine, including the expansion of residential land supply scale, improve land bid bond payment proportion of real estate regulation measures. The notice shall be implemented as of September 18th. According to the notice, Zhengzhou will expand the size of the supply of residential land, adjust and optimize the layout, accelerate the pace of supply, the end of the year using multiple batches, centralized supply of land for the market. The "notice" provisions, Zheng Dong District, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, land transfer, hanging net offers over 50% premium rate, net price suspension, taking limited land, competing prices ", namely price determined in net hanging bidders site competitive prices, comprehensive prices low bid bidder. The city’s five district and the Zhengzhou high tech Zone land transfer, hanging net offers over 50% premium rate, net price hanging suspended, involved in net hanging bidders last live quotes, according to listing notes and other related provisions, determine bidder. In addition, in addition to large shantytowns land, residential land and other land use compatible residential land, land transfer bid bond payment ratio increased to 100%, the premium part of land leasing in the land transfer contract was signed within 10 working days after payment. For buyers, provident fund individual housing loans the highest single amount at the same time according to the three conditions one is approved, the loan amount does not exceed the maximum loan limit, two is the payment of personal loans in strict accordance with the provisions of the ratio of deposit balances, three monthly repayment amount is not more than 60% of household income. The purchase of the first set of self occupied housing, the maximum loan amount to 32, a condition of approval. In addition, to strengthen the real estate development enterprises purchase funds review. Increase the supervision of individual housing credit policy implementation of banking institutions. For the first payment source, the borrower has a number of housing units, the borrower’s credit qualification and the authenticity of the purchase contract to strengthen substantive audit. Seriously investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal behavior. The "notice" is applicable to the five areas of Zhengzhou City, Zheng Dong District, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, Zhengzhou high tech zone. Zhengzhou County Airport economic comprehensive experimentation area, district (city) and measures can be taken according to the actual area, to ensure the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. The 4相关的主题文章: