Zhengzhou says it is the most capricious skewers, want to remember the four words – and Sohu (video) gigolos

Zhengzhou says it is the most capricious skewers, want to remember the four words – and Sohu in great Zhengzhou is about to burn on the delicacy gathered more is going to eat today beyond count on what is willful wayward burn to what extent? Not only want to see the boss mood have remember four words! At this store at at very small tables and chairs but not by taste and bad weather is capricious boss is not in a good mood and drink can become today not Chutan Chutan have reason once chowhound crowded at the door in the alley shop business or a lot of morning six Beishuncheng street early City Yue Vincent chose the Yellow River North of the small ewe meat tender taste is very suitable for barbecue to remove neck tendons tendon meat after riding a small electric power with the meat back to the store will be divided into small chunks of mutton, remove the skin cut into medium size meat meat and then lean collocation alternately string together from time to time but also took aim at a few small eye TV day can also be very leisurely and carefree six pm officially began operating a string of mutton sizzling oil in the air at the flowers is the hot roast meat flavor over the boss is busy spreading DC slobber awfully ovens who see only the butcher chowhound on board both sides of five sheep whip but eat skewers are like the war in order to make they can eat meat chowhound as soon as possible on small deliberately summed up a set of four words must remember the chowhound ah – eat a string of words as early as the saying goes: the man on as soon as possible to eat a day ahead of the scheduled call more reliable – eat string mantra two: blocking does not stand in front of the boss not to send? This big brother ran seven times to get the string string mantra three: down to eat the money down on the counter and walked away I can remember the boss for you bake it on four: eat what what to truth could not have what you like as long as you can eat it grilled what chunks of mutton wear in the iron prod fertilizer meat surface heating becomes very crisp meat collocation both coke and yangkeng Titian tastes fragrant but not greasy meat rich layers of juice mixed with cumin chili instantly ignited the taste buds on chowhound delicious dishes and a few bottles of beer sitting in a small alley and have a drink on the line those who clean up here a little more than the hotel marketplace fireworks breath but can let all happiness within many chowhound perhaps this is the essence of ordinary life. – the barbecue two or three. – Name: Vincent barbecue (non muslim) address: Zheng City road traffic consumption preservation alley: 30 yuan per capita Business Hours: 18:00-21:00 – director | wide – | the old-fashioned camera’s savory delicacy original, reproduced please contact the authorized background more popular delicacy 1 a restaurant fire for so many years has not been broken, what to do? 2 a baked string moved four times in the past five years, why there is iron closely follow? The 3 was originally just a bowl of mutton, but eat a new pattern of 4 common snack go, even more fun to eat 5 times on Zhengzhou has been known as the line, you don’t have a taste for this mysterious soup roast on these days it is cool it!相关的主题文章: