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Zhu Guangyao: China’s debt level of transparency of risk control but the challenge still Zhu Guangyao: China’s debt level of transparency of risk control but the challenge still Xinhua October 31 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Shen Cheng Han Jie) for China debt issues outside attention, Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said on the 31, the level of public debt China transparent, but the overall risk control challenges still need to be wary of corporate debt growth too fast and so on. "IMF has disclosed in 2015 the total China non financial sector debt was 153 trillion and 400 billion yuan, accounting for 220.40% of GDP; and China national finance and development laboratory (NFID) disclosed this value is 154 trillion and 300 billion yuan, accounting for 227.92%. It can be seen that the total amount of the two is basically the same, accounting for the difference is mainly derived from different statistical methods." Zhu Guangyao is in the national accounting day held in Beijing leader (backup) eleventh joint personnel training made the above remarks. Data also show that IMF and NFID in the central government debt, household debt and corporate debt and other types of debt on the basic statistics. In terms of local debt, the total debt of local government and local financing platform is also very close, IMF was 28 trillion and 200 billion yuan, while NFID was $27 trillion and 800 billion, but slightly different in structure. According to the Chinese debt rate is too high point, Zhu Guangyao said, outside the discussion of IMF released the 220.40% debt rate, including central government, local government, financing platform, household and corporate debt and other debt. From the point of view of government debt, either IMF or NFID data released by the central government and local government, the total debt ratio is less than 40%, which also includes some transformed from the local financing platform of debt, the overall proportion is reasonable. These open data reflect the real debt risk is completely controllable. Of course, there are challenges, such as the recent rapid growth of corporate debt phenomenon, need to be taken seriously and vigilance." Zhu Guangyao also said that the government has taken a number of measures to prevent and resolve the risk of corporate debt, especially state-owned enterprise debt. On the one hand, has issued the relevant policy of debt to equity swap, the method, in strict accordance with the market principles to deal with the excessive growth of debt; on the other hand, has been led by the development and Reform Commission established a ministerial joint meeting, processing enterprises to actively and orderly leverage. "The process is now very clear, to promote mergers and acquisitions in the capacity to process in accordance with market principles, and through legal means to implement bankruptcy liquidation, while speeding up the removal of zombie companies, these measures have important significance for China’s economic health and sustainable development." Zhu into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: